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Created 3-Aug-12
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This is a group of photographs that were taken over the years, there are many similar photos and some may be duplicates. There are some that still make me burst out laughing, and some that make me sick to my stomach and want to kill someone.... As I learned about photography and became interested in documenting some of the things that happened day to day, these are some of the results. Why so many black and whites? I could get all the black and white film I wanted and it was much cheaper than color film. I processed most of the black and white film myself, and only recently when I got into the digital age, did I start to scan both color and black and white negs to save them electronically. Some of the film was so old and has unusual color casts that I cannot remove, so be patient that there are some unusual colors in some of the images... Some of these images have our friend Danny Lunsford who recently passed away. He will be missed and remembered fondly... So check them out....


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